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Recent Media Mentions

"The Strong Dollar Could Bash the Economy--and It's Just Getting Started" Bloomberg

"How Trump Could Accidentally Fuel a Global Trade Boom" Bloomberg

"Face it, the Fed is Raising Interest Rates" Bankrate

"Trump Tower Accord Mooted as Tonic to East Strong Dollar Pain" Bloomberg

"The Fed Risk Repeating Lehman Blunder As US Recession Storm Gathers" The Telegraph

"Why Getting Stuck Without a Job is Mostly a Matter of Bad Luck" Washington Post

"Janet Yellen Said to Pay Attention to this Chart. So Why Isn't She?" Washington Post

"How Brexit Could Turn Every Country into a Loser" Washington Post

"How Brexit Makes China's Currency a Crucial Thing for Markets to Watch" Bloomberg Markets

"The Next Recession Could be a Long One" Fortune

"Thanks, Janet! Fed Saves the Day for Big Banks" CNN Money


"Nominal GDP Target by Fed Would Help Safe Asset Problem" MNI

"Four Takes on the Fed Fumble" Financial Times


"Passive-Aggressive Monetary Two-Step" New York Times


"Cruz Steps Outside GOP Orthodoxy with Free Market Criticism of the Fed" Washington Examiner


"Ted Cruz, the Fed, and the Folly of Blaming the Fed for Everything" The Week


"More Artificial Unintelligence" New York Times


"1998 in 2015" New York Times


"The Great Moderation Yielded Some Not-So-Great Results" MarketWatch


"Fallible Fed Needs a Few Good Rules" Bloomberg View


"China Bites the Cherry" New York Times


"Fed is On Thinner Ice Than It Realizes" BloombergBusiness


"China's Renminbi Devaluation May Initiate New Phase of Global Currency War" New York Times


"Fallible Fed Needs a Few Good Rules" Bloomberg View


"Why Republicans Should Stop Gloating Over Greece"  The Week


"The Euroskpetic Vindication" New York Times


"Harmonization versus Centralization: How the Euro Failed Greece" Reason


"To Save Europe From Itself, Greece Should Leave the Euro" The Week


"Larry Summers Backs a New Idea for the Fed - Almost" Poltico


"Disinflation is Testing Key Central Banking Doctrine" Wall Street Journal


"Understanding Risk in a System of Systems" Financial Times


"How Far Below Zero Can Interest Rates Go?" Wall Street Journal


"Krugman's Fatal Conceit" National Review


"Intellectual Battles Over Greece" Financial Times


"Bernanke's Memoir Title, 'The Courage to Act' Hits a Nerve" Market Watch


Interview with O Estado de S.Paulo (Brazilian Newspaper)


"A Controversial Theory is Beginning to Scare the Fed" CNBC


"Nothing Non-Gold Can Stay" New York Times


"Not Everyone is Addicted to Inflation" New York Times


"The Case for Worrying about European Deflation" Wall Street Journal


"The Obama Boom" Slate


"Waiting for Inflation" The Economist


"Should the Fed Run Payroll Taxes?" CNBC


"Helicopters Don't Help" New York Times


"Blame the Euro for Europe's Extremists" Bloomberg View


"No One (Important) Wants Faster Growth" The Economist


"In 2013, the Fed Showed Why Fiscal Policy Is Still Important" The Washington Post


"The Great Experiment of 2013: Ben Bernanke Versus Austerity" The Washingon Post


"Monetarism Falls Short" New York Times


"Bad Times Draw Bigger Crowds to Church" New York Times


Radio and Podcast Interviews

"Biggest Economic Developments of 2018", December 25, 2018, Mercatus Policy Download.

"What the June Rate Hike Means for the Future of the Fed", June 26, 2018, Mercatus Policy Download.

" On Point" with Tom Ashbrook, NPR, December 20, 2016

"EconTalk" with Russ Roberts, May 30, 2016


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